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Post by Admin on Wed Feb 19, 2014 5:46 pm

A simple guide and or suggestions to help beginners not get slaughtered in the beginning of their journey.
1. You start with a simple rock, 2 bandages, and a torch. Your rock is used for gathering rocks, wood, and attacking animals / players. With our mod, you can type /starter To get free food, and a stone hatchet. You should avoid contact with the road, but remember where it is, it's a big landmark and can be very dangerous because of zombies and other players. The best way to get food, is to chase down a boar, and be sure to not get lost, or run into other dangerous animals. Wolves and bears are much stronger than you, so try to avoid contact, or run like crazy. After you gather the food, hopefully by then you would have gotten some wood for a shelter and a camp fire. Press tab to access your inventory, and at the top, there are the three buttons to open up your, inventory, armor, and crafting section. To cook the meat, you hold E on the campfire when the 'use' text comes up, and there will be an option that says "open" The best way to cook, is to fill all three of the slots. Never eat raw food, for it will hurt you, and make you puke up your calories. After you hunt down some animals, you should have some cloth. Make sure to put a sleeping bag in your tent (When you die, click respawn at camp, and you'll spawn on your sleeping bag). Crafting a hunting Bow is a huge advantage over hunting. Wolves, boars, and deer take two arrows, and bears take four.

2.Now that you got the basics, next comes crafting things like, a smaller house, and making a furnace for other important tools, like guns. Most players rush getting a gun for basic self defense. There are glitches, for the game is alpha, so never put storage boxes, or furnaces in the corners, or too close to walls, players can contact them from outside. To make a house, depending how big you want it, you need at least, 1 wood foundation, 4 wood pillars, 3 wood walls, 1 wood doorway, and a wood door. After you get your house setup, you may think you are safe, but people can actually break down wooden doors with rocks, hatchets, or pickaxes. The best way to avoid that, is to get metal ore (Best found from the darker bigger rocks) And put them into a furnace along with wood. It will turn them into metal fragments, in which will allow you to make a metal door. Metal doors can only be broken down by explosives, along with your wooden walls. Sulfur ore is used for making gunpowder, which you use for bullets.

3. After you have your house and basic defense setup, now you can go wander, or hunt for players. There are radiation areas, which generally have zombies, as well as loot packages. There are Four different kinds of loot boxes, brown ones, which have basic things, like Anti-Rads pills, flare, beans,chocolate,paper. Green ones have ammo for guns. Red ones generally have medical kits, and the silver ones generally have blueprints, weapon attachments, and if you're lucky, you'll find a gun. When your 'rads' in the bottom right corner reaches 500, you start to take radiation damage, which can be brutal.

And that's about everything you need to know. The rest you'll run into naturally. For more information, please check out

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